About Heaven Scent


Heaven Scent Bed & Breakfast opened in June 2004 to offer Virginia Green Lodging right on Route 33, the road to Deltaville, VA and Sting Ray Point. The farmhouse is set some 300 yards back from the highway, among magnolia and pecan trees, where the highway is not heard. Tended as wildlife habitat, with a butterfly garden, fountain, many birdbaths and feeders, it had herb gardens, a rose garden, lilacs and peonies so that delicious scents were wafted with each breeze. The inn stayed closed during the pandemic in 2020 and never got into full operations in 2021 as the property was on the market. A sales contract was accepted in early November, and the real estate closing took place in January 2022.

Innkeeper Pat Patterson

A native "Saint Louis woman", I came to Chick Cove Manor in January 2003 after two decades in Manhattan (which I still love). Heaven Scent let me indulge my love of cooking for guests, and provided more than ample gardening challenges for anyone. I enjoyed meeting guests and hearing your stories, and loved to pamper all who came. My own passions (besides cooking) remain classical music, wine, international travel, language study, history, genealogy, and all fine arts. Beyond that, I'm rather a computer nerd and enjoy programming. I now look forward to a couple of nomadic years while I choose my next home.

Hablo español, parlo italiano, je parle français, & jeg taler lidt dansk. Any of those may be my local language as I wander in the next years.