Dinners at Heaven Scent

I've been offering dinners for Sunday or Monday nights, or other weeknight late arrivals, only when booked at least a week in advance, as a service to make up for lack of local options. When I see what Deltaville's restaurant situation is for the 2019 season, I'll update this page with specific offers. Meanwhile, if you wish to book dinner, call or email to let me know what you have in mind. Here are some photos of food from my kitchen; very often my own meals or meals with friends, as when I cook for guests, I am only thinking of getting the food to the table immediately.

Danish-style open-faced roast beef sandwich

Danish-style open-faced roast beef sandwich

Flounder filets with crab

Preparing flounder filets topped with crab

Soft-shell crabs

Soft-shell crabs (unbreaded) sauteed with white wine.

Salad of lettuce, beets, potatoes with a poached egg

One of many variations on salad with poached egg.

Spanish mackerel dinner

Grilled Spanish mackerel. Here accompanied by gnocchi with mushroom cream sauce, lettuce salad with avocado.

Single crepe served

Crêpe with ham, fresh spinach, Jarlsberg cheese, sauce soubise (onion bechamel). A throwback to the Sixties, sure, but still comfort food.

Eggplant stacks

Stack of roasted vegetables : eggplant, tomato and onion with Jarlsberg and Parmiggiano-Reggiano cheeses.

Coconut wrap fixings

Coconut wraps to assemble with duck breast, spinach, coconut, fresh mango, slow-cooked onions ...

Coconut wrap fixings

A coconut wrap ready to roll up.

Tuna steaks for dinner

Tuna steak dinner with coconut aminos, sesame seeds, accompanied by sautéed spinach and quinoa or rice.


Grass-fed beef burgers grilled over charcoal, homemade buns. Platter of sauteed mushrooms, onions, cheese, lettuce, and avocado accompanies burgers.

French onion soup, something I still find irresistible.

Side dish of roasted Brussels sprouts with bacon, walnuts and blueberries. Only one of many possible combinations, of course.

Extravagant dinner of maigret duck breast, sautéed foie gras, fruit-based sauces.

Salad of lettuce, avocado, bacon with poached eggs

Sharable size of salad with poached eggs.

Grilled leg of lamb

Orzo (pasta) with broccoli, onions and Parmiggiano-Reggiano.

Salad with poached egg

Salad with poached egg, avocado, potatoes, to be dressed with a mustardy vinaigrette.

Beef tenderloin dinner

Grass-fed-beef-tenderloin dinner.

Spaghetti squash with vegetables

Spaghetti squash with vegetables.

Baked tomatoes

Side dish or appetizer of layered, baked vegetables : zucchini, onions, tomatoes with Parmiggiano-Reggiano.

my foie gras dinner with HD pears

My rich little foie gras dinner with Harry & David pears and blueberries. Fruits in season would be substituted.

Risotto with broccoli

Risotto with broccoli. I love making risotto, such as fennel and onions with a bit of Sambuca, not colorful but delicious. Or asparagus risotto, or artichoke ... Endless possibilities.

Salmon dinner

Small dinner with orange-glazed Alaskan wild salmon.

Salad of lettuce, beets, potatoes with a poached egg

My lunch of salad with poached egg.